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Did you know that LCJM entered into another video challenge? It is through:

The Super Service Challenge


          and you can help – it takes just a few minutes! just copy and paste this link – or you could click on it.

When you get to the “Super Service Challenge” web page look for the search box in the upper right hand corner.             Type into that box :  

                           Lake Co Jail Ministry 

and click on the button in the search bar

You will go to our video page. On that you will see a video to click on…  watch all of the video and then click the  little word VOTE on your right hand side.

The contest is NOT about the quality of the video but how many votes it receives. You may only vote once in any 24 hour period. 

Thank you to Patrick Barnes for his cooperation and hard work producing the video this year with me. KM

Pledge Form

Lake County Jail Ministry, Inc.

CHAPLAIN Kenneth Hall  LCJM5kh@gmail.com 12920 Painesville-Warren Road Leroy, OH 44077 EMAIL: LCJM5kh@gmail.com Ministry to the Incarcerated Serving men and women in the Lake County Jail with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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I (we) pledge a total of $____________________ to be paid: ☐now ☐monthly ☐quarterly ☐yearly. I (we) plan to make this contribution in the form of: ☐cash ☐check Gift will be matched by (company/family/foundation)                                                                                                          ☐form enclosed☐form will be forwarded

Acknowledgement Information

Please use the following name(s) in all acknowledgements:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ☐I (we) wish to have our gift remain anonymous.



Please make checks, corporate matches,

or other gifts payable to:

Lake Co. Jail  Ministry Inc.                       12920 Painesville-Warren Road Leroy, OH 44077

{copy and paste this to save and fill out. Mail to the address provided above}
updated 11/2018 by KPM

Lake County Jail Ministry

Church or Group Volunteer                         

Application Form  

Name ____________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Phone ____________________________________________________________
Email ____________________________________________________________
Pastor’s Name ____________________________________________________________
Pastor’s Phone ____________________________________________________________
Additional Contact ____________________________________________________________
GROUP INFORMATION   Please fill out group affiliation with the church
Type of Group: 􀂆Bible Study 􀂆Prayer 􀂆Men’s 􀂆Women’s 􀂆Missions 􀂆Support 􀂆Other: ___________________________________
Name ____________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Group Leaders Name ____________________________________________________________
Group Leaders Address ____________________________________________________________
Group Leaders Phone ____________________________________________________________
Group Leader Address ____________________________________________________________
Additional Contact ____________________________________________________________
􀂉 Our church/group is praying for you 􀂆In-Jail Ministry
􀂉 Our church/group would like to have a speaker come to one of our meetings/services 􀂆Individual Mentoring 􀂆Ministry in Spanish
􀂉 Our church has space to host a support group 􀂆 After care
􀂉 Our church would like to facilitate a support group -Provide leadership 􀂉 Our church/group will host fundraiser      Type of Event: ________________________________       Date of Event: ________________________________
􀂉 Our church/group took a special offering for Lake County Jail Ministry 􀂆Other: _____________________________________________________  

Please copy and paste this form to a printable document ap. Fill it out and mail to

"Chaplain Ken Hall/ c/o Lake Co Jail Ministry, Inc ,

12920 Painesville-Warren Rd.

Leroy, OH 44077"

Thank you !Updated by kpm 11/2018