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Lake County Jail Ministry, Inc.

CHAPLAIN Kenneth Hall

12920 Painesville-Warren Road
Leroy, OH 44077


Ministry to the Incarcerated Serving men and women in the Lake County Jail with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Lake Co. Jail Ministry Inc. 12920 Painesville-Warren Road
Leroy, OH 44077

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Lake County Jail Ministry

Church or Group Volunteer

Application Form

Name ____________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Phone ____________________________________________________________
Email ____________________________________________________________
Pastor’s Name ____________________________________________________________
Pastor’s Phone ____________________________________________________________
Additional Contact ____________________________________________________________
GROUP INFORMATION Please fill out group affiliation with the church
Type of Group: 􀂆Bible Study 􀂆Prayer 􀂆Men’s 􀂆Women’s 􀂆Missions 􀂆Support

􀂆Other: ___________________________________

Name ____________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
Group Leaders Name ____________________________________________________________
Group Leaders Address ____________________________________________________________
Group Leaders Phone ____________________________________________________________
Group Leader Address ____________________________________________________________
Additional Contact ____________________________________________________________


􀂉 Our church/group is praying for you 􀂆In-Jail Ministry
􀂉 Our church/group would like to have a speaker come to one of our meetings/services 􀂆Individual Mentoring

􀂆Ministry in Spanish

􀂉 Our church has space to host a support group 􀂆 After care
􀂉 Our church would like to facilitate a support group -Provide leadership 􀂉 Our church/group will host fundraiser

Type of Event: ________________________________

Date of Event: ________________________________

􀂉 Our church/group took a special offering for Lake County Jail Ministry 􀂆Other: _____________________________________________________


Please copy and paste this form to a printable document ap. Fill it out and mail to

“Chaplain Ken Hall/ c/o Lake Co Jail Ministry, Inc ,

12920 Painesville-Warren Rd.

Leroy, OH 44077″


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Lake Co Jail Ministry

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